Are You An Electric Vehicle Owner? Here is What You Need to Know!

Electric vehicles are the most talked about cars on the road. Whether you want to save on gas, protect the environment or just be an early adopter of the best new tech, you may have looked at some of the electric vehicles that are flooding the market. There are companies like Tesla that specialize in electric vehicles, as well as electric models from traditional automakers.

If you are a new electric vehicle owner who wants to know more about what to expect, this blog will tell you what you need to know about the best options for you to buy.

Taking Care of Your Electric Vehicle

Maintenance for an electric vehicle is not the same as traditional cars. The good news is that parts and repairs are often much more affordable. Still, there can be some technical issues with your vehicle’s computer or technical wiring that can cause long-term issues. 

Whatever brand of electric vehicle you buy, make sure you have a warranty and insurance that protects against any malfunctions. If you bought on the resale market, keep track of the software updates and manufacturers warranties that come with your vehicle and make sure they are transferable between owners. Contact a local dealer or the company’s main office if you have specific questions about how to maintain and protect your electric vehicle throughout its lifetime.

Enjoying Your Electric Vehicle

As an electric vehicle owner, there are some benefits that other drivers just can’t experience. Breezing past gas stations on long road trips and out-accelerating sports cars are obvious benefits of driving elite electric vehicles like Teslas, but underrated benefits include:

  • A customer community that is valuable and supportive

  • Awesome computer integrations and automated safety features that will make driving much more enjoyable

Despite a lot of hype about stock prices and Tesla’s infamous owner, customers are all around happy with their purchases and continue to fondly value Tesla as part of their lifestyle and identity. Electric vehicle owners can overlook some of the slip-ups that come with innovation while still fondly associating their car with positive thoughts and attachments

In the 2020 JD Power APEAL Study, which measures an owner’s emotional attachment and ownership “excitement” across 37 areas, 87,000 owners respondents rated Tesla as an exceptional 896, which crushed the industry average of 861 and industry leader Porsche (881). 

If you’re having some growing pains adjusting to a luxurious electric vehicle like a Tesla, the math shows that you may still love it more than any other car on the current market.

Getting The Best Value For Your Electric Vehicle

Your electric vehicle is not like most cars. If you are considering putting it on the resale market, you will want to find a marketplace that links you with the right buyers who will get you the best possible value.

At Sell My Used Tesla, we work to make it simple and safe to sell your Tesla without any commission or hassle. We are inspired by the world-saving power of Tesla’s technology and love their energy-saving vehicles. If you’re an electric vehicle owner looking to sell, buy or trade, click CLICK HERE to learn more from now! Or call us at 888-668-3124.

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