Frequently Asked Questions

If you are meeting the seller in person we recommend doing this in a public place, in daylight hours, and that you use cashiers checks rather than cash. If there is a lien/note on the sellers vehicle its best that this payoff is done in person at the sellers bank/lender with both buyer and seller present, to confirm the loan is paid off. If the payment needs to be mailed then that cashiers check along with the sellers loan account details is placed in a overnight Fedex/UPS to the lenders payoff address, and we recommend this is handed to Fedex/UPS in the presence of both buyer and seller or buyers agent if they cannot attend in person. If you are borrowing funds to make the purchase your lender may wish to send the payment direct to the sellers lender, this will mean that the seller will want proof this has been done before releasing the vehicle. If there is a balance due to the seller, they will also likely want to deposit the cashiers check in person with the buyer or buyers agent before releasing the vehicle. The DMV docs signatures should generally happen prior to banking of the cashiers checks to protect the buyer, and then signing over of the title if in hand should happen after the checks have been banked or sent to lender. If there was a lien on the sellers car, generally the title will be sent by the lender or the DMV in the sellers state to the seller within 7 -15 days of lien payoff. So any sales agreement should include terms around the sending of the signed over title to the buyer once received. We provide the tools for the seller and buyer to generate the relevant DMV docs and a sales agreement between the buyer and seller, you will always however be responsible for the making sure the information provided is correct, and we are not responsible for any mistakes in the documentation or any mistakes in filing the documents. If you chose to use the vehicle carrier service this can also provide a trigger for final payment once the vehicle is loaded, however it will always be the buyer and sellers responsibility to verify the vehicle is in the carriers possession.