Electric Vehicle: The Lowest Price For a Tesla Car

Shopping for electric vehicles can be overwhelming with so many options. But almost every electric vehicle shopper is interested in securing the lowest possible price for their car. You already plan to save big money on fuel and repair costs with an electric car. Whether you want a Tesla or a less luxurious electric vehicle, this is how to get the best bang for your buck.

Used Tesla Vehicles Are a Great Deal

If you are shopping for an electric vehicle, a Tesla has surely crossed your mind. Don’t be intimidated by the hype around these cars and their autopilot features. When compared to other electric vehicles they are both among the safest, best performing, and best valued cars you can get.

Some Tesla Models Cost Much Less Than Others

A Model 3 and Model Y can be especially costly on the resale market. On the other hand, a Model S is very affordable and can be the most reasonable option for first time owners of an electric vehicle. If you want to start with a luxury model, used Model X’s are great values because they often depreciate significantly from their retail value, even though they are still great vehicles.

Other Tips to Get The Best Value on Electric Vehicles

If you are getting a used Tesla, you will not be shopping by model years. Instead of traditional yearly models, Tesla does regular updates to their fleet. This ensures that small bugs in software can be addressed quickly. Despite this, you will still want to know the year that your Tesla was made and that it has been updated over time before purchasing. Newer models will cost more, since Tesla vehicles have not been on the market long enough to have a vintage resale market.

Deal With Private Sellers in Trusted Networks

There are various marketplaces that can help you connect with private sellers who are motivated to get their electric vehicles to you quickly. Tesla vehicles specifically have active communities of owners who are always looking to connect new buyers with great deals. 

Forums like Tesla Owners Online, and Reddit’s r/TeslaMotors subreddit are some of the largest of the communities. Reddit’s community has over 1.1 million subscribers and is known as the "unofficial forum of owners and enthusiasts." The Tesla Motors Club is another prestigious collection of owners who are passionate about their high-end electric vehicles.

Once you join the Tesla owner family, you will have a bond with friends and strangers that can only be understood by other owners. Find networks of trusted sellers to educate yourself, ask questions, and shop for the best prices and options for your first electric vehicle purchase.

Ready to Find a Tesla For The Lowest Possible Price?

The Sell My Used Tesla marketplace was created to connect buyers like you with sellers of Tesla vehicles who are ready to sell right now! Our number one goal is to make it easy and secure for you to buy a Tesla. And the best part is that we don’t take a commission or add any hassle to the process. 

We care deeply about the world-changing power of Tesla’s technology and we are passionate about getting more of their vehicles on the road. Our only mission is to eliminate barriers to entry and unneeded friction between you and your dream Tesla. 

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