New Tesla Owners Talk: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Buying a new Tesla is like joining a private social club. The unique experience of owning a Tesla vehicle will instantly connect you with other owners from all walks of life all over the world. New Tesla owners can often be intimidated by the new terminology and social status that can come with driving such a hyped up car. The good news is that Tesla cars absolutely live up to the hype and then some, often making other cars obsolete once you’ve experienced the power and luxury enjoyed by new Tesla owners.

This blog will share some key differences new Tesla owners will need to be ready for that don’t come in the instruction manual.

Speed And Special Features

Many other buyers have stated more than once that going for even a test drive is enough to convince a potential buyer. Some of the best features of a Tesla include their instant torque and regenerative braking. But other than their speed and performance, commutes to work and other local locations are made fun thanks to some Tesla models’ autopilot features.

Customizations And Accessories

The beauty of being a new Tesla owner is the process of customizing your vehicle and its software to your exact specifications. You will feel like a mix between a spy in a movie and an ultra-rich celebrity. 

Due to its many features, you can enjoy riding your new Tesla with near-absolute silence as there is no engine roar. Or you can listen to music on a stellar sound system with no obstructions. You can even enjoy driving with a nice view of the sky thanks to the overhead glass.

Whatever it is you wish to do with your Tesla while driving, you can feel confident that you can do it as said vehicles are very versatile.

Social Status

Your new Tesla will turn heads for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they’re beautiful cars. Whether you have a Roadster, Model 3, S, X or are still waiting for your Cybertruck, every time you hit the road in your new Tesla, you will get comments and stares. But the hype behind their performance and electric power will make them stand out even more than typical luxury or electric cars. 

New owner reviews on YouTube are full of experiences that include being stopped or complimented throughout the day. Year-long owners of the Model 3, Car Confections says that the internal benefits like the technology that puts you in tune with your car is much more enjoyable than any other benefit.

It’s Time to Become a New Tesla Owner Once And For All!

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How Sell my Used Tesla Can Help You Become a Tesla Owner